The Sexism Olympics


Roll up, roll up for the Sexism Olympics Medals to be won! It’s not about your skill or fitness But your husband or your son! And the first event is … Giving Men Credit For Women’s Achievements. Step on to … Read more

Railway Woman


I am a railway woman, love my job I take you there and back, I take your fare Sometimes behind the scenes, sometimes you’ll see me I fix the track or operate the signal I clean the station, guard or … Read more

The Meeting

He tells us what to think and do And shouts until the air turns blue And when he’s done enlightening folk He goes outside and has a smoke. She bites her lip and lifts her hand Says “I’m not sure … Read more

Socialism and Liberation

This is the speech that I gave in the opening plenary of Workers’ Liberty’s ‘Ideas for Freedom’ event in 2013 – originally published here. On 23rd June 2012, Steven Simpson, a gay autistic student, was verbally abused, stripped, and his … Read more

Do Drunk Girls Deserve It?

An article from 27 September 2005: Today, I am pretty annoyed by reading articles about the Portman group’s report about boozing and the trouble it allegedly gets you into. The report, “Anatomy of a big night out”, claims that almost four in … Read more

Women in the Future

The final section of the Workers’ Liberty pamphlet ‘Comrades and Sisters’ looks at what socialism can offer women, and what sort of movement we need to win liberation. Formal Equality and its Limits Britain has had the Sex Discrimination Act … Read more

Women in the Present

The second section of the Workers’ Liberty pamphlet ‘Comrades and Sisters’ looks at women’s situation today. Domestic work, (badly-)paid work, the vast gulf between working-class and ruling-class women. Women in communities, and women in the welfare state. Religious fundamentalism, the … Read more

The Housewife’s Trial


An oldie from the 1980s, a decade of Thatcher, Reagan, crap haircuts and appallingly sexist washing powder adverts. They are not exactly bastions of feminism now, but in the 1980s we were subjected to images of women descending into hysterical … Read more