Lighting, Rigged

Lighting rig

Thirty-five years ago, I was sexually assaulted at a gig. I never told anyone. But over the last few years, some stuff has prompted me to finally address it – by writing this poem. Standing by the ticket table, flogging … Read more

The Story of Sarah and Gertie

Sarah and Gertie

Inspired by the story of Sarah Lawton and Gertrude Bigwood This is the dad working five months away from his family, keeping starvation at bay This is the mum taking work when it comes boiling laundry and toiling for pitiful … Read more

Socialist-feminist reading group: Minnie Lansbury

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Venue: Effra Social, 89 Effra Road, London SW2 1DF Come to our next meeting of our monthly socialist feminist reading group, hosted by Workers’ Liberty members – open to all! We’ll be reading chapter 6 of Janine Booth’s new book … Read more

Peterborough Women’s Festival

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Janine will be speaking about the life of Minnie Lansbury at a day-long event at Peterborough Town Hall as part of the Peterborough Women’s Festival. The event starts at 11am, with speakers from 1pm.

Minnie Lansbury: suffragette, socialist, rebel councillor

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On the day before Minnie Lansbury’s 130th birthday, Janine Booth speaks about her life at Workers’ Liberty’s London Forum. Venue: UCL Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL More details and (free) ticket booking here. All welcome. This is a … Read more

Stop Sexual Harassment and Assault on Public Transport


In July, I spoke at an event organised by Islington Labour Party women’s forum, called ‘Keeping women and girls safe in Islington’. There were various speakers from community organisations, the council and the police, plus workshops on domestic abuse, sexual … Read more

No Hope for Chope


I fancied some titilating photos    so I went on an upskirting hunt I didn’t really care about consent,    that’s if I’m being blunt I came across Sir Christopher    and thought I’d have a punt I’d capture a … Read more

DMWs at Gedling Labour Party


Janine performs in Netherfield, Nottinghamshire at a Gedling Labour Party event celebrating women. As well as two 20-minute poetry sets from Janine, there will be local women performers and speakers.  Full details to follow.

Harvey is a Sex Addict


Harvey Weinstein is an addict Harvey, he just has to have it Harvey’s checked into a clinic Not convinced? You heartless cynic Harvey can not help himself Please pray for Harvey’s failing health Poor Harvey, he is sex addicted Please … Read more

Report: ETF Women’s Conference 2017


RMT’s delegation to the European Transport workers’ Federation Women’s Conference comprised Mary Jane Herbison, Michelle Rodgers, Lorna Tooley and Janine Booth. The conference was, unfortunately, squeezed into a short time on a single day. It still managed to do its … Read more