Real Rape


If she’s drunk or she’s flirty Or a boozy young floozy If she likes talking dirty If she isn’t that choosy If she touched him or kissed him And she then changed her mind If she’s scared to resist him … Read more

Do Drunk Girls Deserve It?

An article from 27 September 2005: Today, I am pretty annoyed by reading articles about the Portman group’s report about boozing and the trouble it allegedly gets you into. The report, “Anatomy of a big night out”, claims that almost four in … Read more

Two Women Every Week


In England and Wales, women are killed by current or former male partners at the rate of two a week. Click the names highlighted in this poem to read the stories behind the statistics. Thanks to Counting Dead Women for … Read more

Culpable Homicide

A brief comment prompted by the verdict in the trial of Oscar Pistorius for killing Reeva Steenkamp: I’ve been trying to glean What the court might mean By ‘culpable homicide’ I now understand –  You were a bit out of … Read more

Her Name Is Reeva

Her name is Reeva Reeva Steenkamp Not ‘Oscar Pistorius’ girlfriend’ Not ‘model’ Not ‘reality TV star’ Her name is Reeva Her name is Reeva She was not just a model But also a law graduate She was not just a … Read more

RMT Launches Model Policy on Domestic Violence

I wrote this article for Labour Briefing in April 2013: On International Working Women’s Day, set up over 100 years ago by socialist women in the workers’ movement to fight for our rights, RMT launched our model policy for transport … Read more

Launching RMT’s Model domestic Violence Policy

This is the speech I gave at RMT Women’s Conference in launching the union’s model Domestic Violence policy: Today is International Women’s Day. Actually, it’s International Working Women’s Day, set up over 100 years ago by socialist women in the … Read more