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Solidarity with Ukraine!


Artillery rounds and a barrage of shellfire It looks and it sounds like extending an empire Bombing and shooting civilians slain Expansionist Putin invading Ukraine Threatening nukes and rain hell from the skies Dismissing rebukes with chauvinist lies Conscripts uprooting … Read more

Black culture and resistance: the Harlem Renaissance

Augusta Savage

Published in Solidarity 569:     One hundred years ago, an arts movement was forming in a mainly-black district of New York City. Later known as the Harlem Renaissance, it was primarily cultural but also inescapably political. Literature, poetry, jazz, … Read more

Breaking The Law

Government admits Brexit plan breaks law in specific and limited way

I’m doing a bit of cash-in-hand work in a specific and limited way I’m nicking some pens as a justified perk in a specific and limited way I’m short on cash so I won’t pay my bills in a specific … Read more

1919 – Throwing off the shackles of Empire


Also published on the Workers’ Liberty website here.   After Britain and its Allies had won the war, proclaiming themselves champions of freedom and democracy, the people of its imperial possessions stepped up their democratic demand for some of that … Read more

Soldier F


Soldier F said he only harmed protesters who held bombs or arms Soldier F had truths to hide The soldier lied Lord Saville said none of the dead had posed a threat but that did not stop Soldier F When … Read more

Haiku: Stuffed


May has a sore throat See her Noes running the show And her Ayes dry up

Widening Roads


Widening roads parking lorries carrying loads of no-deal worries Laying Tarmac digging ditches making car parks burning bridges Office holder riding high on  a hard Brexit shoulder to pull over and cry on Sailing boats away laying mines widening motorways … Read more

Spanish Lesson


Guardia Civil know the drill Drafted in from other places  beating unfamiliar faces Keepers of the peace Police That’s the theory: There and here, we expect protection  get subjection Saw that theory cracked in practice Dragged and kicked grabbed and … Read more

Report: ETF Women’s Conference 2017


RMT’s delegation to the European Transport workers’ Federation Women’s Conference comprised Mary Jane Herbison, Michelle Rodgers, Lorna Tooley and Janine Booth. The conference was, unfortunately, squeezed into a short time on a single day. It still managed to do its … Read more

Little England


– after Edward Thomas’ Adlestrop Yes. I remember Little England – The name, because one squally morn Of rain, the liner drew up there Unwonted, for a port in storm The tour guide paused and pointed as The vessel neared … Read more

Speaking Up for Abortion Rights


Janine’s speech proposing this motion on the 50th Anniversary of the Abortion Act at RMT Women’s Conference 2017. It’s worth remembering what life was like for working-class women before abortion was legalised. While rich women were always able to find a … Read more

European Commission: Getting More Women to Work in Transport?


Jean-Louis Colson (on the right of the photo) from DG-MOVE – the European Commission’s Directorate General on transport – outlined the Commission’s work on women and transport, and the consultation it is currently running. For the Commission, the main ‘challenge’ is … Read more

ETF Women’s Committee reports, campaigns and plans

etf women

COUNTRY REPORTS France – Women trade unionists have been concentrating on increasing women’s involvement in the unions, and on campaigning against violence against women. At Gare du Nord railway station, African women cleaners are often sexually assaulted by male bosses. … Read more