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Bulgarian Women Transport Workers Organise


Daniela Zlatova of Bulgarian transport trade union FTTUB gave an impressive account of the union’s efforts and achievements in involving women. FTTUB : has 10,500 members includes 86 trade union bodies in transport and telecoms has 9 women out of … Read more

After the Bombings


From RMT News June 2106 RMT member Janine Booth talks to Brussels transport workers after the March 22 terrorist attacks I have been talking with Brussels transport workers and trade unionists in the aftermath of the 22 March Daesh/IS bombings … Read more

Brussels transport workers take a stand for safety


I have been talking with Brussels transport workers and trade unionists in the aftermath of the 22 March Daesh bombings which killed 32 people and injured hundreds more. Amidst the news reporting and political demagogy, it is important that their … Read more

Verses From The First World War: Conscription


Published in Solidarity 396, 2 March 2016. One hundred years ago this week, conscription came into force in Britain. The Military Service Act placed men between 18 and 41 years of age into the army reserve unless they were married … Read more



Follow the links for a shocking story of a Stalinist anti-semitic purge. London is loyal, London’s a comrade London has toiled through many a bomb raid London’s a leader, London’s a fighter London is feeling the noose closing tighter Those … Read more

Haters Gonna Hate


Haters gonna hate Dictators gonna dictate Tyrants gonna tyrannise  Rebels will rebel and rise Rival rulers gonna ride Rebellion’s discontented tide Bombers gonna bomb Pogromists will pogrom Fighters gonna fight Families gonna take flight Borders gonna rise Papers gonna scandalise … Read more

Heroes and Hordes


If Nicholas Winton were saving the children today His Transport of Kindness would camp out in fear at Calais Compassion is easier cast back through history’s mist Abhorrence for migrants but Oscars for Schindler’s List No humans may cross here, … Read more

ETF Women’s Committee, March 2015

Meeting in Brussels, the European Transport Workers’ Federation Women’s Committee will share information and reports from women trade unionists across Europe’s countries and transport sectors, and agree on a publicity campaign to tackle violence against women transport workers – it’s not … Read more