Who Do You Blame?


Those who fought it or those who caused it? Those who saved sixty-five or those who cost seventy-two? Those who did not know the tower was clad in torchwood or those who chose that cladding because it was cheaper? Those … Read more

Poems for Grenfell Tower: review


published in The Clarion issue 17 POETIC JUSTICE? by Janine Booth A wise person once said that when there is a tragedy, a lot of poetry is written. The Grenfell Tower fire is no exception, as the new anthology, ‘Poems … Read more

About Disaffected Middle-aged Women


Disaffected youth have long been the folk devils of society: feral, angry and disobedient; and simultaneously neglected, mistreated and alienated. The conservative establishment fears their rebelliousness crashing into its comfortable political world.  But is there another demographic which that same … Read more

A Grenfell Nativity


Expectant families in temporary digs waiting for a miracle Led here by a burning star and a government demand to be counted Drawing the short straw bedding down in the stalls Because there’s no room in the inner workings of … Read more

Scales of Injustice

tory grenfell

Pick up the leaflet pick up a pen Rate on a scale of nil to ten how broken is your heart how much your life is rent apart Rate your mental state Is it three or six or eight? Rate … Read more

Bring It Home


Bring help Bring fire engines Bring water Bring air Bring stretchers Bring ambulances Bring us round from sleep and out to safety Bring food  Bring clothes Bring blankets Bring camp beds Bring phone chargers so we can find our friends … Read more