One last time before we split let’s go and sit in the grassy bit in the churchyard astride the log throw sticks for the dog and look at the playground and the place where the nursery stood Before we’re gone … Read more

The State of Our Estate

Badly kept, back swept Cracks crept along the paving and the window panes Split plastic seats hung from rusted chains in the playground we found next to the car park with the gate on its hinges where tyres were punctured … Read more

Labour Heartlands


Isn’t this a heartland too? We have poundshops, pawnshops, boarded-up shops and industries replaced by social services We too have schools with leaking roofs and youth in gigs and gangs and anguish Isn’t this a heartland too? We have hearts … Read more

Hackney Gardens, London E8


This site was a nursery next to the municipal mortuary Council care from the cradle to the grave with alphabets and sing-alongs and rhymes Once upon a time Then they closed it. Next it became a unit where the students … Read more

7-Minute Itch

Janine will be giving the first and possibly only performance of her as-yet unpublished long poem ‘A Tale of Two Cities (The Rich and the Towerful)’ about the Grenfell Tower fire. Plenty of other poets and performers will be doing … Read more

Hackney CVS Autism Training

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Understanding autism equality in the workplace Booking fee: £20 Who is this course is for? This half-day workshop is for anyone who works in the voluntary or public sector that wants to gain an understanding of the Autism spectrum.  Course … Read more