1919 – Triple Alliance: Untapped Power

rail strike bulletin

Also published on the Workers’ Liberty website, here. With engineers and others taking on the employers, the time was ripe for the other bastions of industrial power – the rail workers, miners and transport workers – to join the fray. The … Read more

1919: Strikes, Struggles and Soviets


A new short book (40 pages + cover), written by Janine Booth and published by Workers’ Liberty. In 1919, inspired by the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, British workers took more strike action than ever before. But communists in Britain had … Read more

31 January 1919: Reading the Riot Act


An historical anecdote from the Clydeside General Strike of 1919 (pictured)   In George Square in Glasgow in Nineteen-nineteen Sixty thousand red rebels are striking a scene The sheriff takes stage to proclaim the King’s words Required by the Riot … Read more