Speaking about Minnie Lansbury at HMP Holloway

Janine will tell the story of one of Holloway prison’s former residents at this event to mark the seventh anniversary of the prison’s closure and promote proposals for a progressive Women’s Building in its place. Venue: entrance to HMP Holloway, … Read more

I, Minnie Lansbury

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At 3pm, Janine speaks on a panel about Minnie Lansbury and the Poplar rates rebellion in a seminar taking place immediately before the premiere of a new play on this subject at 5pm. Venue: RADA Studios, 16 Chenies Street, London … Read more

Women of the Poplar rebellion

Poplar march

Published by Women’s Fightback 25, Winter/Spring 2021 Our story is set just after the first world war in Poplar, an east London borough with a population of 160,000 people crammed into the docklands in the bend of the River Thames … Read more

Clerihew: Rosa Luxemburg


Rosa Luxemburg As I’m sure you must have heard Was jailed and murdered as she would not conform And preferred revolution to reform    

The Story of Sarah and Gertie

Sarah and Gertie

Inspired by the story of Sarah Lawton and Gertrude Bigwood This is the dad working five months away from his family, keeping starvation at bay This is the mum taking work when it comes boiling laundry and toiling for pitiful … Read more

East London History Society reviews Minnie Lansbury biography

East London History Society newsletter

In the latest East London History Society newsletter, Rosemary Tayor has written a very postive review of ‘Minnie Lansbury: suffragette, socialist, rebel councillor’. She writes: ​This book is a long overdue acknowledgement of the crucial role played by a woman, once revered in … Read more

Socialist-feminist reading group: Minnie Lansbury

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Venue: Effra Social, 89 Effra Road, London SW2 1DF Come to our next meeting of our monthly socialist feminist reading group, hosted by Workers’ Liberty members – open to all! We’ll be reading chapter 6 of Janine Booth’s new book … Read more

Peterborough Women’s Festival

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Janine will be speaking about the life of Minnie Lansbury at a day-long event at Peterborough Town Hall as part of the Peterborough Women’s Festival. The event starts at 11am, with speakers from 1pm.

A Heroine of our Movement


  Lansbury’s parents were impoverished Jews from Poland, then part of the Russian Empire, and had fled to the East End of London to escape antisemitic pogroms and persecution. Some in the labour movement welcomed the Jewish refugees, but others … Read more