We Slept Here

We Slept Here

  We slept here on Waverley Bridge under the shadow of a granite ridge Next to the only station named for a novel – our open-air waiting room, no place to travel Just along from the Spoons and the bars … Read more

Locked Up and Down

figure behind prison bars

If you’re locked down with books and a partner who cooks better than you Then you’ll probably get through If you’re locked down with a garden it might not be so hard and with a nice glass of wine You’ll … Read more

Hostile Architecture


This stinking subway, piss-soaked flags, cold stone ground, discarded fags is way too good for them. Install steel spikes, bayonet their bodies off the floor and out of doorways, It’s allowed, or so the law says. For sure these spears … Read more

Self-Isolation in a Single Hostel Room

single room

Day 1 confined to room – no going out Day 2 do push-ups, Netflix, clean the floor Day 3 phone friends and scrub the tiling grout Day 4 a breakfast bag outside the door Day 5 phone friends and tell … Read more

Video: Poeting for Punk4TheHomeless

Punk 4 the Homeless

Janine Booth performing at the online Punk for the Homeless gig on 6 April 2020. Poems: Disaffected Middle-aged Women – The Girl from Clapham – Why Can’t You Just Be Normal? – Thoughts and Prayers – This Place – Stonewall … Read more

Covid-19 and austerity: The threat to disabled people


Published in Solidarity 542, 7 April 2020.   Disabled people’s organisations (DPOs) are objecting to the lack of adequate healthcare, the loss of social care support, the erosion of rights – and the ominous attitude that disabled people are somehow … Read more

The State of Our Estate

Badly kept, back swept Cracks crept along the paving and the window panes Split plastic seats hung from rusted chains in the playground we found next to the car park with the gate on its hinges where tyres were punctured … Read more

Affordable Home


Apartments and unfurnished Flats rented or retailed for a small Fortune, unfortunately unaffordable Out of the price range, out of Reach of those who need a place to call ‘fixed abode’ Dictionary defines ‘affordable’ Adjective: within one’s financial means; not Beyond … Read more

Hackney Gardens, London E8


This site was a nursery next to the municipal mortuary Council care from the cradle to the grave with alphabets and sing-alongs and rhymes Once upon a time Then they closed it. Next it became a unit where the students … Read more

Who Do You Blame?


Those who fought it or those who caused it? Those who saved sixty-five or those who cost seventy-two? Those who did not know the tower was clad in torchwood or those who chose that cladding because it was cheaper? Those … Read more

Newcastle solidarity event: Poems for Grenfell Tower

grenfellnewcover 0 82b scaled Ncd8p0.tmp

Venue: Cumberland Arms, James Place Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE6 1LD Following the recent anniversary of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, we host this fundraiser for the Grenfell Foundation and solidarity event as part of the launch of this anthology (see here http://onslaughtpress.com/product/poems-for-grenfell-tower-pre-ordernow/)  The event is … Read more

Poems for Grenfell Tower: review


published in The Clarion issue 17 POETIC JUSTICE? by Janine Booth A wise person once said that when there is a tragedy, a lot of poetry is written. The Grenfell Tower fire is no exception, as the new anthology, ‘Poems … Read more

About Disaffected Middle-aged Women


Disaffected youth have long been the folk devils of society: feral, angry and disobedient; and simultaneously neglected, mistreated and alienated. The conservative establishment fears their rebelliousness crashing into its comfortable political world.  But is there another demographic which that same … Read more

Launch of Grenfell Tower poetry anthology

grenfell b6a G6pdee.tmp

Janine is one of fifty poets who has contributed to this anthology of verse about the Grenfell Tower fire. Join us at this launch event. Venue: Seven Dials Club, 42 Earlham St, WC2H 9LA. Poets reading their work: Pat Winslow, Tom McColl, … Read more

A Grenfell Nativity


Expectant families in temporary digs waiting for a miracle Led here by a burning star and a government demand to be counted Drawing the short straw bedding down in the stalls Because there’s no room in the inner workings of … Read more

Voices from Grenfell

grenfell tower fire morning ab0 S26n1K.tmp

Join Second Home and Words of Colour Productions for an evening in recognition of the tragedy of Grenfell Tower. There will be a screening On the Ground at Grenfell – which won the Portobello Film Festival 2017 Best Film Award – and … Read more

7-Minute Itch

Janine will be giving the first and possibly only performance of her as-yet unpublished long poem ‘A Tale of Two Cities (The Rich and the Towerful)’ about the Grenfell Tower fire. Plenty of other poets and performers will be doing … Read more