Thick Racists


They’re backward, stupid, racist, sexist They voted Trump, they voted Brexit They must be mental, mad or sick They’re racist and they’re thick Good people didn’t vote this way Bad people don’t do what we say They don’t accept the … Read more

Rude Words


When Donald Trump said “Grab them by the pussy” The objectionable word was not “pussy” It was “grab” His words were not “lewd” They were violent

From Alex, 6 Years Old

Syrian refugee boy

On 21 September, the White House published a letter that President Obama had received from six-year-old New Yorker Alex, offering a home to Omran, the Syrian boy whose photo had circulated widely. Please tell the boy in the ambulance To come … Read more

Autism Bewareness Month


Welcome to our month of Autism Bewareness No demands for equal rights or fairness Reshaping round holes into squareness You’ll miss the point if you are careless For it’s our charity’s consensus That those afflicted are defenceless We want a cure … Read more



This week, two reports found that the actions of Officer Timothy Loehmann in shooting dead black 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland Ohio on 22 November 2014 were “justified”. Tamir Rice Shot down twice First his life and now his name … Read more

The Best-Laid Plans


Drifts here together with his buddy they pitch up with prayers and plans A stake for a patch where they can scratch out a living with their own hands The preacher says labour makes you holy your gold must be … Read more

Public Transit Struggles in London and Toronto


Janine Booth speaking at a meeting on Public Transit Struggles in London and Toronto in August 2015. The meeting was organised by the Socialist Project and also included speakers from Toronto-based campaigns for better public transport.


The life expectancy of a Black trans woman in the USA is just 35. This is a villanelle about that shocking statistic. Black boys grown women fighting to survive In freedom’s land are some folks not allowed To live beyond … Read more

Become Not Women


In 1848, in response to the 300-strong Convention for Woman’s Rights in Seneca Falls (USA) and its Declaration of Sentiments, a Philadelphia newspaper urged the city’s ladies not to join the new movement and become women but to stay as … Read more



Written after going through the Thousand Island border crossing from Canada to the USA. Queue, crawl, window down, good day Who? How many? Where from? Which way? How long? What for? Been here before? Park, get out. Through those gates … Read more

Officer Slager’s Defence

On 4 April 2015, in North Charleston, South Carolina, police officer Michael T Slager shot dead 50-year-old black man Walter T Scott. He is to be charged with murder. Officer Michael T Slager, how do you plead to the charge … Read more

International Women’s Day: Past, Present and Future

Written for International Women’s Day 2007: March 8th each year is International Women’s Day. It is celebrated across the globe, and is a day for campaigners to draw attention to women’s continued second-class citizenship and need for equality. However, it … Read more

Women in the Past

This article is the first section of the Workers’ Liberty pamphlet ‘Comrades and Sisters’, about socialism and women’s liberation. It tells the story of women’s struggle for liberation: from the French Revolution and the birth of feminism, through the fight for … Read more