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Solidarity with Ukraine!


Artillery rounds and a barrage of shellfire It looks and it sounds like extending an empire Bombing and shooting civilians slain Expansionist Putin invading Ukraine Threatening nukes and rain hell from the skies Dismissing rebukes with chauvinist lies Conscripts uprooting … Read more

Black culture and resistance: the Harlem Renaissance

Augusta Savage

Published in Solidarity 569:     One hundred years ago, an arts movement was forming in a mainly-black district of New York City. Later known as the Harlem Renaissance, it was primarily cultural but also inescapably political. Literature, poetry, jazz, … Read more

Breaking The Law

Government admits Brexit plan breaks law in specific and limited way

I’m doing a bit of cash-in-hand work in a specific and limited way I’m nicking some pens as a justified perk in a specific and limited way I’m short on cash so I won’t pay my bills in a specific … Read more

1919 – Throwing off the shackles of Empire


Also published on the Workers’ Liberty website here.   After Britain and its Allies had won the war, proclaiming themselves champions of freedom and democracy, the people of its imperial possessions stepped up their democratic demand for some of that … Read more

Soldier F


Soldier F said he only harmed protesters who held bombs or arms Soldier F had truths to hide The soldier lied Lord Saville said none of the dead had posed a threat but that did not stop Soldier F When … Read more

Haiku: Stuffed


May has a sore throat See her Noes running the show And her Ayes dry up