1919 – Throwing off the shackles of Empire


Also published on the Workers’ Liberty website here.   After Britain and its Allies had won the war, proclaiming themselves champions of freedom and democracy, the people of its imperial possessions stepped up their democratic demand for some of that … Read more

Soldier F


Soldier F said he only harmed protesters who held bombs or arms Soldier F had truths to hide The soldier lied Lord Saville said none of the dead had posed a threat but that did not stop Soldier F When … Read more

Speaking Up for Abortion Rights


Janine’s speech proposing this motion on the 50th Anniversary of the Abortion Act at RMT Women’s Conference 2017. It’s worth remembering what life was like for working-class women before abortion was legalised. While rich women were always able to find a … Read more

Verses From The First World War: Conscription


Published in Solidarity 396, 2 March 2016. One hundred years ago this week, conscription came into force in Britain. The Military Service Act placed men between 18 and 41 years of age into the army reserve unless they were married … Read more

Women in the Irish nationalist movement 1900-1916

Written back in around 1993: Constance Markievicz and the other women who fought in the Easter Rising struggled to be accepted on equal terms by the Irish labour movement and among nationalists. Their experience holds many lessons for today’s socialists … Read more

Constance Markievicz: a life


These are biographical notes on the ‘Red Countess’, Constance Markievicz, prepared for the London Socialist Feminist Discussion Group on 10 October 2008. Also attached are two one-page files giving a timeline of her life. Constance Georgine Gore-Booth was born on … Read more