Two Women Every Week


In England and Wales, women are killed by current or former male partners at the rate of two a week. Click the names highlighted in this poem to read the stories behind the statistics. Thanks to Counting Dead Women for … Read more

Death Row Diner

Get this! Hopelessly unthinking about the barbarity and injustice of state executions, we have a “pop-up restaurant” themed as “death row dinners”. Pass the sick bag. May I invite you to my cell to dine? Is this the final meal … Read more

Rant at a Bicycle Thief

(Swearing appropriate to the tone of the verse) Why the fuck did you nick my bike? What have I ever done to you? Did it cross your mind how much it would upset me? Or that I might not be … Read more

Culpable Homicide

A brief comment prompted by the verdict in the trial of Oscar Pistorius for killing Reeva Steenkamp: I’ve been trying to glean What the court might mean By ‘culpable homicide’ I now understand –  You were a bit out of … Read more

Her Name Is Reeva

Her name is Reeva Reeva Steenkamp Not ‘Oscar Pistorius’ girlfriend’ Not ‘model’ Not ‘reality TV star’ Her name is Reeva Her name is Reeva She was not just a model But also a law graduate She was not just a … Read more

Right to Resist: Stop ‘Kettling’

In December 2010, I signed up to this statement and campaign against ‘kettling’ and other repressive police treatment of protesters. We should all have the right to protest without being held captive or violently assaulted. Please read the statement and … Read more


This poem is about the murder of 18-year-old, gay, autistic student Steven Simpson – and the appalling miscarriage of justice when his killer was prosecuted. You can read a news report giving more information here; and the resolution adopted by … Read more