Favourite Things (Lewes Remix)


Frost-polished gardens and cold hands in mittens Cute, cobbled alleyways, steep, narrow twittens Playgrounds with climbing frames, ropewalks and swings – Lewes is full of my favourite things A walk up the Down to see windmills and horses Vegan pub … Read more

Clerihew Times Two: Herbert Morrison / Peter Mandelson


Herbert Morrison was moderate and worrisome He had an appropriate grandson: Peter Mandelson Peter Mandelson could not get a handle on The passionate, radical, principled and quarrelsome: rather like his grandfather, Herbert Morrison

CoronaVerses at Stay Home For Labour

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Janine talks about the CoronaVerses: poems from the pandemic anthology, and performs a couple of poems, at this edition of the weekly Stay Home For Labour talk, comedy and politics event. Details here.    

Speaking in Support of Tube Cleaners


Today at TUC Women’s conference, PCS moved a motion congratulating their members at BEIS for successful strike action, and drawing attention to the appalling conditions that outsouced workers, many of them women, face. I made the following contribution to the … Read more

Nadia Whittome MP’s Maiden Speech

Nadia Whittome MP

I made Nadia Whittome’s maiden Commons speech into a poem. Here it is: “I’m here through solidarity  and hard work in my town I want to say to Nottingham: ‘I will not let you down’ I’ll represent this burning earth … Read more

Make Labour Councils Centres of Resistance


In the cacophony of post mortems of Labour’s defeat, the role of Labour councils is being overlooked or at least understated. I think that a significant contributor to the erosion of Labour’s base has been councils which cut services, do … Read more

Remembering 1945

David Booth

I spoke with my dad (pictured) about his memories of the 1945 general election … 75 years ago when I was seven, I experienced the first of 22 general elections in my life. My father, Albert Booth, was born in … Read more