The Centre Ground


A prized plot of land is the centre ground Where a sizeable crop of electors is found Fierce turf wars are waged for its title deeds For the rights to the lease and to sowing one’s seeds On the centre … Read more

Fence Sitter


They’re cutting help to those in need –  What case to vote against? This is a tricky one indeed  I’m staying on the fence Scrap targets for child poverty? My mind is wracked with doubt Perhaps, no – maybe, probably … Read more

Sussex LRC fringe meeting @ TUC Congress

Sussex Labour Representation Committee fringe meeting at TUC Congress in Brighton. Janine will be one of the speakers at the meeting, which will be focusing on the key issues of resisting Tory austerity and defending trade union rights. Brighton Friends Meeting … Read more

Jez We Can!


If you don’t want a Blairite bottom-feeder If you want to fight cuts not give in to greed or Tack your policies to a Daily Mail reader If you want to back a winner and not a conceder Vote Jeremy Corbyn … Read more

Sugar-Coated Sonnet

A sonnet written on the occasion of Lord Alan Sugar’s resignation form the Labour Party: So who invited that spiv to the party? No, we don’t want his cut-throat sort round here His anti-social manners are so nasty He’s nicking … Read more

Disabled People and the General Election

This article was published in Solidarity 360.   By Janine Booth, co-Chair, TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee (personal capacity) Over the last five years, the Tory-led government has targeted disabled people with cuts in benefits, closure of services, and attacks on … Read more

Poplar: A Different Sort of Labour Council

An article published in Workers’ Liberty no.66 in 2001, which turned out to be a precursor to my 2009 book, Guilty and Proud Of It. In Hackney, east London, the Labour/Tory coalition administration – the first in Britain since World War … Read more

The First Two Labour Governments

I drafted this several years ago, for a discussion at a Workers’ Liberty branch meeting on the first and second Labour governments. I found it useful to tell the story, then ask people to discuss some questions: the ‘timeline’ and discussion questions … Read more