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Marxism and Neurodiversity


The human species includes people with minds of all kinds. Neurodivergent people face exclusion, discrimination and disadvantage. How can Marxism help us to understand neurodiversity and how to achieve liberation for neurodivergent people? How will the experiences of neurodivergent people … Read more

But Where is it Really From?


Where is your title from? My father. No, but where is it really from? It’s been in the family for years. But where did your people get it from? I believe it was conferred on my noble ancestors by the … Read more

Video: Neurodiversity and Socialism


Janine speaks about neurodiversity, capitalism and socialism at the Autistic Pride event in Woolwich on 30 July 2022. Includes the poem Manifesto from Behind the Mask.

Trickle-Down Economics

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Give handouts to the City not the town Award the top the most, the bottom least and in the end, the wealth will trickle down So feed the finest to the howling hound The sparrow pecks the droppings of the … Read more

To Show Due Respect …

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Companies have suspended polluting the air Governments have suspended cutting our care Energy firms have suspended price rises Landlords have suspended nasty surprises Employers have suspended exploiting our labours Lobbyists have suspended cashing in favours Bosses have suspended giving the … Read more

Price Rises

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We’ve put our products’ prices up, that’s what we chose to do The power firms are doing it, so we can do it too We’re going to charge a fair chunk more to everyone who buys If they won’t pay … Read more

Dinah Murray RIP

Dinah Janine IFF18

This is the obituary of Dinah that I wrote for Solidarity  Workers’ Liberty is saddened to learn of the death of Dr Dinah Murray. Dinah spoke alongside me at two of our Ideas for Freedom summer schools and at an … Read more

Capitalism and Greed

headling greed is good

The loose-tongued Prime Minister claimed that capitalism and greed made the vaccine succeed.   Really?   I don’t remember selecting my injection from the many assembled on a free-market stall. Not at all.   And I don’t recall thinking ‘that … Read more

Clerihew: Rosa Luxemburg


Rosa Luxemburg As I’m sure you must have heard Was jailed and murdered as she would not conform And preferred revolution to reform    

Know Your Enemy

Refugee boat

To see the roots of poverty the plight of the have-nots Don’t look at little dinghies but at massive super-yachts

Wherefore Art Thou, Capitalism?


No-one’s saying leave it to the markets No-one’s claiming competition’s key That stockbrokers will lead us from the darkness None are sneering now at stuff for free No-one says that laissez-faire will sort it No-one argues we’ll be saved by … Read more

Autistic Pride Picnic

Autistic Pride 2019

Janine will be giving a short talk about autism, neurodiverstiy and capitalism at the Fifth Annual Autistic Pride Picnic in Hyde Park, London.

Two-and-a-half Cheers for Neurodiversity


Since autistic activist Judy Singer coined the term ‘neurodiversity’ some twenty years ago, it has facilitated a great enlightenment and a progressive new approach to the experiences and rights of autistic and other neurologically atypical people. It is now facing … Read more

Unlucky Number


World’s richest get richer while planet’s poorest get poorer, new Oxfam report shows:   Twenty-six people own as much wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population, as three point eight billion humans. Twenty-six people: one for every letter … Read more

Neurodiversity under Capitalism and under Socialism


Autistic, dyspraxic, dyslexic and other people with atypical brain wiring have particular experiences under capitalism. These experiences have positive and negative aspects, and for many people include distress and disadvantage. What are the roots and the causes of this experience? … Read more



Carillion’s Made its billions Now its debt is so big, its account’s in vermillion With coldness reptilian It dumps on civilians Rides off into sunset; the Tories ride pillion If it were not so serious, it would be vaudevillian The … Read more

Radical Democracy and 21st Century Socialism


Listen to Janine speaking at Momentum’s The World Transformed event at Labour Party conference on 24 September 2017. Here is a selection of how the media reported it: “On Sunday, a supportive MP, Clive Lewis, called for a “phase two” … Read more

‘One Hundred Years’: Steve Bloom’s epic poem on the centenary of the Russian Revolution


Today, this website joins with websites Steve Bloom Poetry, Old and New Project, Links (Australia), International Viewpoint, Ecosocialist Horizons, Lalit (Mauritius), Radical Socialist (India), Socialist Party (Sweden), Spirit Child, Jozi Book Fair (South Africa), Workers’ Liberty, Marxist Study Group (Namibia) and Solidarity (USA) in simultaneously publishing Steve Bloom’s epic poem in celebration of the centenary … Read more