Revise the System


Work hard, be conscientious, be afraid Your life won’t be worth living if you fail The only thing that matters is your grade Feel guilty for each error you have made Learn quotes by rote and don’t stop to exhale … Read more

RMT Disabled Members Plan Fightback


Published in Solidarity 468 Disabled transport workers discussed issues from workplace representation to the role of charities at their two-day RMT conference in Southend on 26-27 April. This was only the second annual RMT Disabled Members’ Conference, after the union’s … Read more

Report, TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee, 17 April 2018


1. TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference, 24-25 May, Bournemouth Motions – The Committee agreed to to support all motions and amendments, except: Unison’s amendment to Unite’s motion on Universal Credit (oppose) – the motion opposes UC; the amendment wants to change this to … Read more

Harvey is a Sex Addict


Harvey Weinstein is an addict Harvey, he just has to have it Harvey’s checked into a clinic Not convinced? You heartless cynic Harvey can not help himself Please pray for Harvey’s failing health Poor Harvey, he is sex addicted Please … Read more

Get a Grip

mental health

It’s World Mental Health Day, so … SNAP OUT OF IT Snap out of taking orders Snap out of blame Snap out of ‘disorders’ Snap out of shame Snap out of austerity Snap out of stressors Snap out of poverty … Read more

Mental ill-health: asking why


My contribution to the debate on mental health at TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference 2017: I’m speaking in support of all the motions on mental health, but especially the one from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, as that is the one … Read more

Autism and Workplace Stress


The Summer 2016 issue of unionlearn’s ‘Learning Rep’ magazine includes an article on ‘Changing the way we work’, arguing that “Identifying the real roots of workplace stress is the best way to genuinely promote mental and physical health at work.” RMT … Read more

RMT holds first disabled members conference


Published in Solidarity 435, 12 April 2017 On 28 March, transport union RMT held its first ever Disabled Members’ Conference. Rank-and-file activists had called for the establishment of this conference for several years, but repeatedly met with rejection by the … Read more

Report: RMT Disabled Members’ Conference


Yesterday saw RMT’s first ever Disabled Members’ Conference, held in London. Although quite small (9 delegates, plus union officials), the important thing was that it took place at all, especially as rank-and-file members had pushed for its creation against the … Read more

Crazed Loner

Crazed Loner – a poem about the portrayal of mental ill-health in the murder of Jo Cox MP, performed at Ealing TUC International Women’s Day celebration.

Crazed Loner


R.I.P. Jo Cox MP Crazed loner Stay-at-homer Helpline phoner Hummer and groaner Window licker Timebomb ticker Deranged and estranged He’s a stabber, a shooter Overly obsessed with his computer He’s nothing to do with us, you see No link to … Read more

File Under Self-Harm

mental health

She’s marked her again and the scars will preserve it ​She’s causing her pain ’cause she thinks she deserves it She isn’t a file on a case worker’s shelf She isn’t self-harming, she’s harming herself Hyphen, inversion may make it … Read more

Report: TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee, 5 July 2016


Election of co-Chair: Sean McGovern, the Disabled Workers’ representative on TUC General Council, chairs the Committee. I was re-elected unopposed as co-Chair for another year.   Action on Resolutions from Disabled Workers Conference In carrying out the decisions of the … Read more

We’ve Got Something for That


Your breathlessness feels like asphyxiation You’ve missed a deadline for some bureaucrat You’re sighing, crying, busting with frustration I’m sure there is a therapy for that The lights and noise and pressure make you dizzy The heat is burning up … Read more



A stretched-out band’s pulled thin and pale with tension This wretched land is fertile for portension Its far-fetched plan is born of apprehension Turns breath-snatched panic past my comprehension My rough-sketched sanded smile is just pretension And level-handed mantras get … Read more

Report: TUC Disabled Workers Committee meeting, 17 March 2016


Updates on ongoing work ‘You don’t look disabled’ briefing for union reps on ‘invisible/hidden’ disabilities, available here. Disability Labour contact details are here. Seminar on ‘Equality and mental health in an age of austerity’ – report online here. Griffiths v DWP appeal … Read more