Mental health in call centres: Get unionised!

Call centre working is a danger to your mental health.  Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, high blood pressure, sleeping problems and even suicidal thoughts are common among call centre workers. More than 4 in 5 respondents to a Unison survey said … Read more

This Place

I come to see you in this place A train, a bus, a longish walk A mask of growth veneers your face We picnic, catch up, laugh and talk A train, a bus, a longish walk They brought you here … Read more

Speaking out about deaths in care


Janine proposing a motion condemning deaths of autistic and learning disabled people in care, at TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference in May 2019. *** On 21 March this year, an inquest ruled that the death of Colette McCulloch was avoidable. Colette … Read more

Not OK


I saw a poster the other day that said it’s OK to not be OK I was sitting in a waiting room while others sit or just exist on a waiting list for months or years Worsening trauma, growing fears Not … Read more

Mental Health: beyond awareness


Published on PCS blog, 17 May 2018: In Mental Health Awareness Week, Janine warns that we need to be more than just aware, but prepared to take action on mental health. Many organisations are now promoting ‘mental health awareness’. That is … Read more

Revise the System


Work hard, be conscientious, be afraid Your life won’t be worth living if you fail The only thing that matters is your grade Feel guilty for each error you have made Learn quotes by rote and don’t stop to exhale … Read more

RMT Disabled Members Plan Fightback


Published in Solidarity 468 Disabled transport workers discussed issues from workplace representation to the role of charities at their two-day RMT conference in Southend on 26-27 April. This was only the second annual RMT Disabled Members’ Conference, after the union’s … Read more

Report, TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee, 17 April 2018


1. TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference, 24-25 May, Bournemouth Motions – The Committee agreed to to support all motions and amendments, except: Unison’s amendment to Unite’s motion on Universal Credit (oppose) – the motion opposes UC; the amendment wants to change this to … Read more