Poetry in Asylum magazine

Asylum poetry callout

Janine has recently taken over as Poetry Editor of Asylum magazine. Asylum wants your poetry for our radical mental health magazine. Asylum has been running for nearly forty years, providing a platform for all perspectives on mental health. Asylum is influenced and … Read more

A Question of Importance

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Invited to an event to answer a question of importance, I walked along the street with highness, went in through the door that revolves, past the guard of security, and spoke to the person with femaleness and helpfulness at the … Read more

Is There Power In a Union for Autistic Workers?


  An assessment of trade unions as drivers of positive change for autistic people at work, written as an assignment for Postgraduate Certificate in Autism and Asperger Syndrome  [Note: this is not advocating a union for autistic workers, but assessing the potential … Read more

Speaking for Labour to adopt neurodiversity policy

ND Labour

The Labour Party’s 2021 National Policy Forum report contained no mention of neurodiversity, despite a detailed and popular submission from Neurodivergent Labour to the Forum. So Janine proposed to Conference that it ‘refer back’ that section of the report so that … Read more

Calling for Labour to adopt policy on neurodiversity

Proposing neurodiversity reference back at Labour conference

At 2021 Labour Party conference, I moved a ‘reference back’ of the National Policy Forum report, due to its failure to include any policy on neurodiversity, despite a detailed submission being made to the policy forum process. This is what … Read more

Autistic Pride online

Autistic Pride 2019

Janine will be ranting, rhyming and revolting as part of this day-long jamboree of autistic voices. Log-in details to follow.

Video: Speaking Up for Osime Brown

Osime Brown

Janine addresses the protest in support of Osime Brown outside the Home Office on Friday 4 September – includes the poems Free Osime Brown and Bearing Down. Please sign Osime’s petition here.