drag queen 1

Opposing imaginary ribaldry Detestable protests at a library Serious, stern of jaw and dour Objecting to Drag Queen Story Hour Reckoning kids are groomed and primed – But why don’t they protest at pantomimes? Alarmed at the harmless, dressed-up take-up … Read more

Crazed Loner


R.I.P. Jo Cox MP Crazed loner Stay-at-homer Helpline phoner Hummer and groaner Window licker Timebomb ticker Deranged and estranged He’s a stabber, a shooter Overly obsessed with his computer He’s nothing to do with us, you see No link to … Read more

Hallelujah President Trump


Once more with apologies to Leonard Cohen … It never was a secret plan The rise to power of Macho Man He never used a subtle schmooze to woo you Behold the hero of the hour The billionaire who fought the … Read more

We Are Not Heroes

We are not heroes, not the valiant sort We let them take us, fell in to survive The heroes are the ones who stood and fought Our bodies packed together frail support The nudging of her foot kept me alive … Read more

Socialism and Liberation

This is the speech that I gave in the opening plenary of Workers’ Liberty’s ‘Ideas for Freedom’ event in 2013 – originally published here. On 23rd June 2012, Steven Simpson, a gay autistic student, was verbally abused, stripped, and his … Read more

Duchess Departed

An alliterative ode on the occasion of the passing of an aristocrat:  Deborah the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire has died Did ever a life-end alliterate with such alarming aloofness? The chatelaine of Chatsworth, champion of chutney, Charles’ chum The Prince’s … Read more

Nazis and Nailbombers: Fighting the Fascists

from the pamphlet Radical Chains: Sexuality and Class Politics, published in 1999. On 30 April 1999, a nail-bomb killed three people and injured dozens more. It exploded in the Admiral Duncan pub in Old Compton Street, the heart of gay … Read more