Homage to Hospitals


All hail to public hospitals Which treat us at no cost at all Come forth and heed the homage call Give thanks and praise Admire their shiny corridors The wonder drugs in well-stocked stores And colour-coded wings and floors And … Read more

The Pope’s Prayer

Pope Francis

In response to the news that the Pope wants to change the words of the Lord’s Prayer …   Oppressed people Who art in Myanmar Rohingya be thy name The soldiers come And killing is done Of Muslims As it … Read more

Can Prayer Cure Cancer?


After visiting the hospital yesterday to get my oedema looked at, I sat for a while in the small church of St. Bartholomew-the-Less, conveniently located on the way out of the hospital on the way to the bus stop. I … Read more

Wondering Eyes


When places of worship ​          become places of wonder Bright-eyed guides           will tell wide-eyed visitors You won’t believe           what people used to believe And then, with downcast eyes           they will add And you’ll never believe           what some … Read more

Christmas Eve (1915)


A century ago, with Britain at war, the Woman’s Dreadnought published this poem: CHRISTMAS EVE – to man the comfortable Hark, O, Hark the herald angels sing Glory to the new-born heavenly King! Come near the fire and closer draw the … Read more

This I Know


Jesus loves me, this I know For the Bible tells me so And if it’s there in black and white Then heaven knows it must be right But if this weren’t the only book That I so literally took Then … Read more

While Bishops Washed Their Frocks

Shortly before Christmas 2012, the Church of Engalnd voted not to allow women to become bishops. The decision to allow women bishops – with some qualification – was taken around two years later. To the tune of While Shepherd’s Watched … Read more