Share of the Pie

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Long long time ago, I can still remember How winter snow would make me smile And I knew when I had my chance We’d come inside to warm and dance And maybe we’d be happy for a while But February … Read more

Price Rises

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We’ve put our products’ prices up, that’s what we chose to do The power firms are doing it, so we can do it too We’re going to charge a fair chunk more to everyone who buys If they won’t pay … Read more

Poetry & Opposition

RMT - Save PnO Jobs

Pompous & Opulent Prosperous & Ostentatious Profiteering & On-the-take Parsimonious & Obstinate Penny-pinching & ‘Orrible Private & Obscene Perfidious & Odious Poisonous & Objectionable Punishing & Oppressive Petition & Organise Protest & Outrage Picket & Occupy Public & Ownership.

TUC Disabled Workers Condemn P&O Sackings

RMT - Save PnO Jobs

The TUC’s Disabled Members’ Committee has made this statement: Accessible public transport is essential for disabled people to participate in society on an equal and independent basis. To be genuinely accessible, public transport must be adequately staffed by workers with … Read more

Women Working Shifts

womens health and safety

At this year’s TUC Women’s Conference, one of the motions we debated was about working shifts, particularly women’s safety on late shifts. This was my contribution to the debate. You can watch the video of this speech here. I’m Janine … Read more

Women footballers escaping the Taliban

Kelly Lindsey

Published in Women’s Fightback 26, Autumn/Winter 2021     Kelly Lindsey, former head coach of the Afghanistan women’s football team – and before that, US international player – spoke to supporters before Lewes FC women’s home friendly against West Ham … Read more

Super League? An absolute shocker …

super league

Published in Solidarity 589, 21 April 2021. Europe’s richest football clubs have announced an exclusive Super League, but have met with near-unanimous opposition. This is a move by Europe’s richest clubs, not its best clubs. One of England’s ‘Big Six’ … Read more

Free Zhang Zhan!


China jails citizen journalist for Wuhan reports Four years in jail for citizen reporter Who spread the news from virus-struck Wuhan Her mother cries in court to lose her daughter She showed the world the sickness, did Zhang Zhan So … Read more