Labour Heartlands


Isn’t this a heartland too? We have poundshops, pawnshops, boarded-up shops and industries replaced by social services We too have schools with leaking roofs and youth in gigs and gangs and anguish Isn’t this a heartland too? We have hearts … Read more

Nowhere to Hide

Tory win

I contemplated emigrating or moving out of town I’d spend my weekends walking dogs my weekdays knuckling down My grandmother was Scottish and my great-grandma a Jew And while some borders still stay down perhaps they’ll let me through Or … Read more

Disabled People for a Labour Victory

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Venue: Student Central, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY View Map Chair Sean McGovern. Speakers Include John McDonnell, Marsha de Cordova, Francesca Martinez, Micheline Mason, Barbara Lisicki, Richard Rieser, Janine Booth, Kirsten Hearn and others to be confirmed. Disabled People have … Read more

Proposing RMT Support for Jeremy Corbyn


At RMT’s Annual General Meeting in June 2015, I proposed an emergency motion for the union to back Jeremy Corbyn, then an outsider in the Labour Party’s leadership election. These are the notes of my speech. It is very exciting … Read more

Jez We Can!


If you don’t want a Blairite bottom-feeder If you want to fight cuts not give in to greed or Tack your policies to a Daily Mail reader If you want to back a winner and not a conceder Vote Jeremy Corbyn … Read more

Nasty Nigel


He snarls, he gnarls Perhaps he’ll bite  His skin is thin At least it’s white He’s aggressive, recessive, possessive, regressive And really, not all that impressive  His director’s description may sound ugly But it fits his politics rather snugly

Sugar-Coated Sonnet

A sonnet written on the occasion of Lord Alan Sugar’s resignation form the Labour Party: So who invited that spiv to the party? No, we don’t want his cut-throat sort round here His anti-social manners are so nasty He’s nicking … Read more

Silver Linings

Written on the day that the Conservatives won the 2015 UK General Election: A search for silver lining Is a needle-haystack quest Fear grows and hope declining Greed wins and stuff the rest  McVey and Farage splendid fall But barely … Read more

My Green Friends

Though I see the appeal to the floaters I have thought through just what it all means And I won’t join their surge or their voters Although some of my best friends are Greens No moaning from Blair’s bottom-feeders That … Read more

Disabled People and the General Election

This article was published in Solidarity 360.   By Janine Booth, co-Chair, TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee (personal capacity) Over the last five years, the Tory-led government has targeted disabled people with cuts in benefits, closure of services, and attacks on … Read more

Pre-election gig: Kick Out the Tories!

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A week before the UK General Election, we urge you to gather at the 100 Club with all those who seek to KICK OUT THE TORIES … a pre-election pep rally. Come and shake your pom-poms with: CHRIS T-T & … Read more