Duchess Departed

An alliterative ode on the occasion of the passing of an aristocrat:  Deborah the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire has died Did ever a life-end alliterate with such alarming aloofness? The chatelaine of Chatsworth, champion of chutney, Charles’ chum The Prince’s … Read more

Ode to a Second Royal Pregnancy

It is incumbent on poets to compose verse to mark royal occasions. So here is my effort concerning the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s announcement that one is expecting: Radio Four is deeply concerned The lady next door has recently … Read more

Away In A Palace

Written for Prince George, then still a foetus, in 2012 – to the tune of Away In A Manger: It won’t need a manger, a crib or a bed For the new royal baby to lay down its crowned head … Read more

Mrs Wales Is Having A Baby

There once was a princess called Kate Who noticed her period was late Each time she vomited The media commented And worshipped the future head of state