Know Your Enemy

Refugee boat

To see the roots of poverty the plight of the have-nots Don’t look at little dinghies but at massive super-yachts



You have no skills – you’re just a carer, a labourer, an apron-wearer, You smear on cream and dish out pills – you don’t have skills. You have no skills, you just wipe arses, the underside of the underclasses, You … Read more

Rootless Cosmopolitan


Edward lived in Hoxton boxed in Stitching boots digging roots Labouring his load on the neighbouring road to new arrivals migrated for survival  from Poland, from Russia to the holy crush of London Under the same sky came together, made … Read more

A Heroine of our Movement


  Lansbury’s parents were impoverished Jews from Poland, then part of the Russian Empire, and had fled to the East End of London to escape antisemitic pogroms and persecution. Some in the labour movement welcomed the Jewish refugees, but others … Read more

Minnie Lansbury: suffragette, socialist, rebel councillor

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On the day before Minnie Lansbury’s 130th birthday, Janine Booth speaks about her life at Workers’ Liberty’s London Forum. Venue: UCL Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL More details and (free) ticket booking here. All welcome. This is a … Read more

The Pope’s Prayer

Pope Francis

In response to the news that the Pope wants to change the words of the Lord’s Prayer …   Oppressed people Who art in Myanmar Rohingya be thy name The soldiers come And killing is done Of Muslims As it … Read more

Little England


– after Edward Thomas’ Adlestrop Yes. I remember Little England – The name, because one squally morn Of rain, the liner drew up there Unwonted, for a port in storm The tour guide paused and pointed as The vessel neared … Read more



Looks like this, does it, liberation? Isolated from supplies, routes closed, blown from the skies Barrel bombs bowled along alleys Enclaved civilians tweet from their graves, farewells from beneath Rubble, the stones where their homes used to be Aleppo cries, … Read more