New words for The Clash classic, ‘Garageland’: Backing the Farage with my bullshit detector Winning an election with a Tory defector We hate politicians but we’re worse than the rest Keep quiet about our policy to destroy the NHS We’re … Read more

Socialism and Liberation

This is the speech that I gave in the opening plenary of Workers’ Liberty’s ‘Ideas for Freedom’ event in 2013 – originally published here. On 23rd June 2012, Steven Simpson, a gay autistic student, was verbally abused, stripped, and his … Read more

Calais Migrant Solidarity fundraiser

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Along with Tim Wells, The Ruby Kid and Awate, raising money to support migrants in Calais, who are under attack from racists and from state repression. Facebook event here.

‘British Work for British Hands’


Seeing this Conservative candiddate’s advert in a 1910 issue of the East London Advertiser, it struck me that the ‘British jobs for British workers’ slogan of a couple of years ago was neither new nor left-wing. ‘British work for British … Read more