The Match and the Patch

Northern Soul Robust 13935759212

Football fans from Northern towns hit the capital city Sharp-dressed, pretty   sure to take the opportunity to take in a record shop and rifle through vinyl score a winner reach the final   Make their way to Covent Garden … Read more

Lewes Labour International Women’s Day celebration

Venue: St James Clubhouse, 11 Blatchington Road Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 2AB Janine begins each half of this event with some appropriately-themed poetry. There will also be speakers and other activities. The theme is women in sport.

Online Launch: Football is Poetry

Image of Janine wearing Peterborough United scarf

Football is Poetry is a 48 page poetic football sticker book , Compiled and edited by Mark Coverdale & Owen Collins , Illustrated by Mark Coverdale , Featuring: Attila the Stockbroker, Matt Abbott, Andrew Blair, Simon Blood, Janine Booth, Rob … Read more



Her cover drive and how she ran are now haram under the rule of the Taliban Can she stay in? For sure she can She can’t be out without a man in ancient, new Afghanistan She’d tackle assumptions and she’d … Read more

No Man is an Island (except perhaps Ian Botham)

Botham says that England is an island

If England is an island Is Wales an offshore reef? Is Scotland an Atlantic bay? What’s Ian Botham’s beef? Is Hadrian’s Wall a seaside prom? Is Offa’s Dyke a coast? Does Botham know where the boundaries are? Or has he … Read more

Women footballers escaping the Taliban

Kelly Lindsey

Published in Women’s Fightback 26, Autumn/Winter 2021     Kelly Lindsey, former head coach of the Afghanistan women’s football team – and before that, US international player – spoke to supporters before Lewes FC women’s home friendly against West Ham … Read more

From the Lewes Lightning Laureate …

playing cricket

More info about our cricket team here. We’re Lewes Lightning We’re a little bit frightening We’re hitting up a storm We roar like thunder Over and under When we are on form We’re young and older Fierce and bolder Than … Read more

Peacehaven Primary’s Pool

Peacehaven Heights school

– a villanelle about this. Kids needed somewhere safe to swim so locals raised funds for a pool, got sponsor forms and filled them in Again they shook donation tins to keep aquatics at the school, to keep the children … Read more

Down and Up with the Mighty Posh

Posh going up

We only needed a draw. We didn’t even need to score unless we let one in. We didn’t even need to win, Just make sure they didn’t. The point the draw would have given and the two it would take … Read more

Super League? An absolute shocker …

super league

Published in Solidarity 589, 21 April 2021. Europe’s richest football clubs have announced an exclusive Super League, but have met with near-unanimous opposition. This is a move by Europe’s richest clubs, not its best clubs. One of England’s ‘Big Six’ … Read more

From Martin to Ada

Ada Hegerberg

Referring to this. You’ve won the Women’s Ballon d’Or You dribble, tackle, shoot and score But do you twerk? You strike a hard and well-aimed ball Around a wide defensive wall But do you twerk? Top scorer in the Champions … Read more

Off Your Knees


Keep politics out of sport Black lives may matter but all that matters here is the score Keep politics out of football because standing up for the national anthem  is not political but kneeling for it is Keep politics off … Read more

The Sexism Olympics


Roll up, roll up for the Sexism Olympics Medals to be won! It’s not about your skill or fitness But your husband or your son! And the first event is … Giving Men Credit For Women’s Achievements. Step on to … Read more

Cup Final Conundrum


On the occasion of the 2016 FA Cup final between Manchester United and Crystal Palace:​ Who to cheer today at Wembley’s meeting? One club sent us down with flukes and cheating The other’s filthy rich and so elitist My position? … Read more

The Poetry League Table

1 This line is the champion 2 This line’s the runner-up 3 This one and the next one made 4 The poetry champions’ cup 5 The fifth line’s rhymes have fallen short 6 The sixth line too missed out 7 … Read more

Borough Till I Die


I was pleased to be invited by Dulwich fan Mishi​ to write a Posh-supporting poem for the forthcoming Dulwich vs #pufc friendly. So here it is. It’s in 4-4-3 formation. ;-) Up The Posh​! I’m pretty sure it was seventy-four … Read more

The Queen’s Horse

The Queen’s horse, Estimate, was stripped of its second place in the 2014 Gold Cup after testing positive for morphine … The Queen’s horse is on drugs! Who’d have thought? Bastions of privilege Now cheats at sport Broken Britain reaches … Read more