Poplar: the Borough that Fought Back and Won

RMT News Poplar

… and why it matters today By Janine Booth, published in RMT News. The two biggest employers in the east London borough of Poplar one hundred years were the railways and the docks. Our forerunner unions had plenty of members … Read more

Throwing Stones in 2020

throwing stone

After A Stone’s Throw Away by Paul Weller   News just in of last year’s protests starting again in Chile And hundreds of thousands massing in the city streets for women’s rights in Poland Burned-out squatters turning out in Johannesburg … Read more

Bristol’s Brilliant Bus Boycott (1963)

Bristol bus boycott

Back before barring blacks became banned Bristol buses blocked brown-skinned blokes becoming buscrew But better Bristolians batted back bit the bullet and boycotted the buses Bent-backed, booted bipeds bicycled, as bitter brushes blazed between bile and benevolence Bands of brave, … Read more

How Transport Workers Beat the Colour Bar

Asquith Xavier

A version of this was published in Solidarity 568: This story of colour bars in the UK railway and bus industries begins after the Second World War, when Britain had a labour shortage and people moved to Britain in increasing numbers … Read more

1920 Blind March: a centenary to celebrate

Blind March article in RMT News

This article was published in RMT News, September 2020. By Janine Booth, Chair of RMT National Disabled Members’ Advisory Committee One hundred years ago, two hundred and fifty blind people from across the UK marched from Newport, Manchester and Leeds … Read more

Llanelli 1911 Railway Strike Commemoration Rally

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On facebook live introduced and hosted by Tim Evans Cor Cochion music video Steve Hedley, Assistant General Secretary RMT Tosh McDonald, former President ASLEF Shavanah Taj, General Secretary Wales TUC Mark Serwotka, General Secretary PCS Hussein Said, Stand Up To … Read more

The first Remembrance Day


Also published in Solidarity newspaper. One hundred years ago, on the very first Remembrance Day, 11 November 1919, the Daily Herald, a socialist newspaper, published this article on its front page. It was one year after the Armistice, and Prime … Read more