Poeting for Locomotion no.1

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Watch this online event on Facebook here. Locomotion No. 1 Fundraiser – Bring it home… for good! Performing at the event: 6.00pm (BST) -6.05 – Tony Stowers (introduction about the benefit) 6.05-6.20 – Nazim Khan 6.20-6.40 – Singer of the … Read more

Safety, Equality, Solidarity!

RMT women's health and safety

Janine is among the speakers as RMT’s London Transport Region hosts a panel focusing on women’s health and safety in the workplace, for International Workers Memorial Day. Broadcasting live on RMT London Transport Region’s channel — specific meeting details for … Read more

Disabled workers and Covid


This is the text of my contribution to the debate at TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference on 10 March 2019. Hi. I’m Janine Booth, representing RMT. Our members work in the rail, road transport, shipping and offshore energy industries. I want to … Read more

Bristol’s Brilliant Bus Boycott (1963)

Bristol bus boycott

Back before barring blacks became banned Bristol buses blocked brown-skinned blokes becoming buscrew But better Bristolians batted back bit the bullet and boycotted the buses Bent-backed, booted bipeds bicycled, as bitter brushes blazed between bile and benevolence Bands of brave, … Read more

How Transport Workers Beat the Colour Bar

Asquith Xavier

A version of this was published in Solidarity 568: This story of colour bars in the UK railway and bus industries begins after the Second World War, when Britain had a labour shortage and people moved to Britain in increasing numbers … Read more

Going Home by Numbers

Three Bridges station

Three Bridges Seven a.m. Half moon Five platforms No trains Two queues Ten replacement buses Seven leaden workers Four going in Three going home Two more hours Until forty winks

Speaking on ‘colour bars’ on the railway

Log in via Zoom here Facebook event here In 1966, Asquith Xavier became the first black guard at Euston station, overturning a “colour bar” which prevented black workers from being employed in certain grades. His struggle was not the first … Read more

Plundering London Underground – speaking with the German left

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An online discussion on experiences from the resistance against the partial privatisation of the London Tube with: Janine Booth (author “Plundering London Underground: New Labour, Private Capital and Public Service”) Phil Rowan (RMT Finsbury Park International officer) The event takes … Read more