Be Streetwise

Police commissioner urged to resign over 'streetwise' comment

Be streetwise, girls, be streetwise and you won’t get false-arrested Look out for cuffs and meat knives Be streetwise, girls, be streetwise and memorise our treatise on what to do when pestered Be streetwise, girls, be streetwise and you won’t … Read more

CMS: Money Before Women’s Safety

Womens Fightback CMS

Published in Women’s Fightback 26, Autumn/Winter 2021 In May 2017, Emma Day was stabbed to death by her ex Mark Morris, father of one of the two kids she had just dropped off at school. Morris had repeatedly threatened to … Read more

Safety, Equality, Solidarity!

RMT women's health and safety

Janine is among the speakers as RMT’s London Transport Region hosts a panel focusing on women’s health and safety in the workplace, for International Workers Memorial Day. Broadcasting live on RMT London Transport Region’s channel — specific meeting details for … Read more

Girls Are Loud 2 compilation launch

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Janine does a half-hour poetry set at this all-day extravaganza celebrating the launch of the 2nd GIRLS ARE LOUD compilation @ the 13th GAL event! Full line-up: 12-12.15- Intro – Ange Droz 12.20-12.35 – The Girls From Hope Orphanage 12.40-13.10 … Read more

Locked Up and Down

figure behind prison bars

If you’re locked down with books and a partner who cooks better than you Then you’ll probably get through If you’re locked down with a garden it might not be so hard and with a nice glass of wine You’ll … Read more

Funny Not Funny

Charlie Elphicke

Charlie Elphicke: a gift to the comic Fancy the fun for the writer of ribald rhyme Lampooning his lechery and wittily wagging his words Absolutely absurd! But no laughter lines from me Sexual assault is serious, is virulent, has victims. … Read more