Knives. Forks. Spoons. Obviously.

Knives. Forks. Spoons. Obviously.
What other arrangement could it possibly be?
There’s a reason that cutlery drawers have three distinct spaces
So we can place our utensils in their correct places
It’s forks in the middle, knives and spoons to their border
How could you entertain any other order?
And the little slot, sideways, at the front of the drawer
Is for teaspoons – what else could it be for?!
The long berth up the side – the clue is: it’s long
It’s for long stuff, like a carving knife, skewer or barbecue prong

Knives. Forks. Spoons. Self-evidently.
What mind-meddling mischief are you playing with me?
Forks, spoons, knives – never! It would make me so cross
But not quite as cross as the untargeted toss
Of cutlery cast casually to wherever it may fall
Spoons in the knife slot or in no slot at all
I’m going to have to use a label
For items that may be laid on a table
I place things correctly, even if some folk can’t
It’s not because I’m autistic – it’s because other people aren’t.

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