Livid Experience

Please pipe down in the gallery,
desist from this distraction
We’re formultaing policies,
endorsing plans of action
A Green Paper on climate change,
a White Paper on race
A ream of runic regulations
codify your place
We have a full agenda
that we’re working our way through
Don’t interrupt proceedings when
we’re talking about you
We have a police liaison group
and funding for research
We’re raising their awareness
while they step up stop and search
We ran a consultation and
we filed it on our shelves
We’ve listened to your advocates,
appointed by ourselves
We have a stack of data sets
so we don’t need your view
So please do not disrupt us while
we’re talking about you
We’ve launched a social partnership
with experts on the board
And if we tick another box
they’ll give us an award
We have a road map taking shape
that sets out what you need
So step back, let the grown-ups rule
and let the leaders lead
We won’t put up with heckling as
we’ve business still to do
Please mind your bloody business when
we’re talking about you
You’d know that we are jolly nice
if you had ever met us
We’d love to be more open but
our sponsor wouldn’t let us
You think your lived experience
gives you some sort of right
But we won this commission, see,
it’s here in black and white
You know a life of struggle, you’re
the many, we’re the few
But we’ll work out the answers as
we’re talking about you
Now please fill in your feedback form
and forward for review
We might flick through it when we’ve finished
talking about you

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