Follow the links for a shocking story of a Stalinist anti-semitic purge.

London is loyal, London’s a comrade
London has toiled through many a bomb raid
London’s a leader, London’s a fighter
London is feeling the noose closing tighter

Those in London’s seats of power
Are sending suspects to the tower
London’s former champions sense
There’s too much foreign influence

London’s become the enemy within
Is this the way that the end will begin?
Did London go along too far
Then strung up by his own petard?

London’s metropolitan
Rootless cosmopolitan
London’s watchers, they accuse
The socialism of rogues and fools
Give the baying pack their dues
They blame the same old you-know-whos

London calls
The dungeon walls
Are telling tales
Of secret gaols
Of London’s confessions
To fictitious transgressions
New and oldest conspiracies
You want to live? Then sign here please

London’s held in poor regard
London falls from grace in Prague
London’s tortured, London’s baited
London is disorientated
London implicates the others
London’s brothers executed
The rootless now most firmly rooted
Slánský, Frank, Simone and Sling
And seven more were made to swing

London lives through special pleading
London’s writing, people reading
Artur London‘s story, see
This London could belong to me
And you, so read it if you dare
Then hold your London close and swear
You’ll never let it happen there
You’ll stand against it everywhere

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