Lost Consonant

Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions – and therefore chief benefit-cutter and witchhunter of disabled people and other claimants – and Conservative MP for Chingford, where his predecessor was the equally loathsome Norman Tebbit:

What evil lurks in the deep, dark cess
Of the filthy mind of IDS?
To seek out those already poor
And find new torments to hurt them more
Requires a special sort of spite –
But I may be able to shed some light
I can exclusively reveal
That the name he goes by is not quite real
It’s a shroud he uses to deceive us with
His real name’s Iain Duncan SITH

Always there are two – Apprentice and Master
Mentored by Tebbit, Darth IDS came after
He’s more machine than man, it’s said
Disfigured, rebuilt, his soul long dead
Do not underestimate the power
Of the Dark Side to bring us to our darkest hour
Use the Force – of mobilisation
Build a Rebel Alliance across the nation
Give in to your anger, harness your hate
Fulfil your destiny, deliver his fate
Strike down the Sith – save the Welfare State

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