What Most People Think


(Ode to Lee Anderson) When I said I hated men dressed in pink And that women should be tied to the kitchen sink I wasn’t being a prat, a bigot or fink I was simply saying what most people think … Read more

Language Studies student analyses poem, ‘p.p.e.’

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Language Studies student Fiona Wilson wrote this analysis of Janine’s poem ‘p.p.e.’ for her degree, scoring a distinction.   Introduction This final piece of work, the EMA in fulfilment of the module, asks we students to consider the question “What … Read more

Fucking Tanks

Fred The Ninja

A guest poem from Spoaken Word Lewes regular open mic’er Fred The Ninja. Thanks Fred.   ===   I owe my very existence to Russian fucking tanks. If my dad had not run from them 66 years ago in Hungary, … Read more

Guest post: Looking back … and forward.

David Booth

A personal reflection from my dad, prompted by the last line of my poem, Bristol’s Brilliant Bus Boycott (1963). Back in the spring, after nearly losing his life to coronavirus, the prime minister abruptly declared himself a convert to anti-obesity … Read more

Remembering 1945

David Booth

I spoke with my dad (pictured) about his memories of the 1945 general election … 75 years ago when I was seven, I experienced the first of 22 general elections in my life. My father, Albert Booth, was born in … Read more