In conversation with Henry Normal

Janine talks with Henry Normal as part of a series of chats with poets … === Flapjack Press, Manchester Libraries and New Poetry Society present  Henry Normal in conversation with …  Join Henry Normal as he chats and shares poems … Read more

Answering questions about Spoaken Word Lewes

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“The lockdowns of the debut two years of the twenties were bleak, grim and at times downright depressing. You probably won’t welcome being reminded about them, but amongst any cloud there are always silver linings and for the lovely town … Read more

Author interview – premiere!

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Five Leaves bookshop, publisher of Janine’s biography of Minnie Lansbury, interviews Janine about writing, lockdown, politics, motivation and lots more. Warning: may contain book extracts and poetry.

What’s Going On In Your Head

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Janine is one of the guests on this monthly mental-health-and-arts gig, with this month’s theme being neurodiversity. Expect poetry, politics and polemic! On Zoom and Facebook Live. Links to follow.    

Video: Janine interviews Rhoda Dakar

Rhoda Dakar

Janine Booth interviews musician Rhoda Dakar, who talks about Two-Tone, policing, the centrality of class and much much more! Read the full text of the interview here. Rhoda was in The Bodysnatchers and The Special AKA, and performed in “Free … Read more

Janine interviews Rhoda Dakar

Rhoda Dakar

This is the full text of the interview. A shortened version was published in Solidarity 555. Watch the video of this interview here. ***** I am Rhoda Dakar. I’ve been a professional musician for 40 years. Initially, I was in … Read more