My Green Friends

Though I see the appeal to the floaters
I have thought through just what it all means
And I won’t join their surge or their voters
Although some of my best friends are Greens

No moaning from Blair’s bottom-feeders
That the Green Party’s lit people’s flame
The class traitors among Labour’s leaders
Have only their own selves to blame

Labour’s last spell in office disgraceful
Of working-class policies bereft
If you race to the right at such pace, you’ll
Leave a big yawning gap to your left

I care for the climate completely
I love lentils and split peas and beans
My diet is gluten- and meat-free
And some of my best friends are Greens

They punch from the left like a southpaw
Public ownership, all that malarkey
(Except that it looks like they’d outlaw
Unions funding political parties)

Don’t mention their Council in Brighton 
Or their deal with the Tories in Leeds 
And I don’t mean to sneer or to frighten
But they don’t have the class that one needs

I’ll vote Labour with dissatisfaction
Though that does make me feel rather squeamish
And I’ll fight for more radical action
Alongside my friends who are Greenish

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