Neurodiversity in Rail conference

Janine will be a keynote speaker at this year’s Neurodiversity in Rail conference.

Here is a word from the organisers, the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Excellence.

About the Neurodiversity in Rail conference

We are excited to announce that BCRRE’s Neurodiversity in Rail conference will be taking place on Tuesday 21 May 2024, at the University of Birmingham, the UKRRIN Building from 09:00 to 17:00.

The conference has been put together to consider the challenges of railway design, which often create barriers for neurodivergent individuals. This conference will;

  • Explore technological advancements and strategies to promote inclusion and embrace diversity of thought within our railway community.
  • Bring together industry experts to emphasise neuro-inclusion and holistic approaches to create a neurodiverse, inclusive, and thriving railway industry.

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Dates and locations 

The conference will take place on Tuesday21 May at the University of Birmingham campus, UKRRIN Building Y20 (pdf 420KB) from 09:00 – 17:00. 


Kimberley Harding
PhD student
Cognitive ergonomics and neuro-inclusive design strategies for application in UK railways, BCRRE
Kimberley is a PhD student at the University of Birmingham, specialising in cognitive ergonomics and neuro-inclusive design strategies UK railway implementation. She has been working in the railway industry since the age of 15 and has become a pioneer in creating inclusive spaces and places for all.

Associate Professor Holly Foss
EDI lead for School of Engineering
Director of Education, BCRRE
Holly Foss is Associate professor of Railway Systems Education in Railway Systems Education and Director of Education in Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education, University of Birmingham. Holly leads the BCRRE teaching group and is responsible for internal, external, and international programmes on Railway Systems.

Professor Paul Plummer
Railway Strategy
Director of BCRRE
Former CEO, board director and economist with experience in policy, business strategy, transport, infrastructure and change. Now using that experience as a professor, non-executive director and mentor to help individuals or organisations make a difference in areas which matter for our society.

Professor Jon Elphick
Railway Systems Integration, BCRRE
A seasoned engineer with 25 years’ expertise in railways, excels in assurance, integration, and digital transformation. Notable for pioneering digital twin testing and shaping Network Rail’s traffic management system, his leadership fosters collaboration and clarity. He’s renowned for translating complex requirements into actionable solutions, driving value from emerging technologies, fostering an inclusive perspective on complex systems for railways.

Professor Felix Schmid
Prof emeritus in Railway Systems Engineering, BCRRE
Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering
Fellow of the IMechE, the IRSE and the PWI


We are currently in the process  of confirming speakers and will share with you a comprehensive list in due course. 


Once we sign off on speakers and activities we will issue a full agenda so that you can make arrangements to attend as required. So far we have the following delegates attending: WSP, HS2, Atkins Realis, Network Rail, RSSB, Great Western Railway, Hitachi Rail, RDG, Arriva, KPMG, DfT, Chrome Angel, Govia Thameslink Railway, GLB Transark, Ministry of Railway Development, Ghana 

Questions or queries

If you have any questions or queries you can email Kimberely Harding at [email protected] alternatively please visit our teams form.

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