Night Tube (Covid-19 remix)

It’s just like any other Saturday night
but without the vomit and with no-one to fight

It’s just like Night Tube but nobody’s pissed and
the two people here are socially distant

It’s just like every other morning after
but without the bleary eyes and laughter

There’s no-one to beg from, no tickets to tout
because staying at home is the new going out

The work-weary nurse has the carriage to himself,
the space is ace and it’s great for your health

It’s just like a metro but with nobody to transport,
the mice are in the ticket hall – they’ve come up from the platform

It’s just like a railway but with hardly any passengers,
no-one to help and no-one to hassle you

It’s more like a ghost town than an Underground station,
it feels like a church but without a congregation

It’s just like a playground without any children,
they’re cooped up at home so the virus doesn’t kill them

It’s a place built for people with no people to be seen
‘cos you can’t get close to anyone, you don’t know where they’ve been

It used to move the millions, the whole world and her wife.
It vibrated with vitality but now it’s lost its life.

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