Nowhere to Hide

I contemplated emigrating
or moving out of town
I’d spend my weekends walking dogs
my weekdays knuckling down

My grandmother was Scottish and
my great-grandma a Jew
And while some borders still stay down
perhaps they’ll let me through

Or I could hump my tucker bag
and pitch up in Australia
(Though on that points-based entry test
I’d probably score a failure)

But everywhere that I could go
has troubles of its own
And even in another place
I won’t find peace alone

For nowhere gives respite from grief
however much you want some
‘Cause they have Morrisons and Trumps
as we have Boris Johnson

And scanning through the options as
I surf on my computer
Even Scotland has the blight
of Brian bloody Souter

And even if I plug my ears
and wrap my head in cloth
Yet still the vines will grow around
that sprout the grapes of wrath

However loud the seagulls shriek
or waves crash on the beach
However desolate the hills
the battle cry will reach

My heart and make me dust me down
and look me in the eye:
My daemon settled long ago –
I’m red until I die

So I will stand my ground and stay
through plenty and through drought
I’ll see you on the picket line –
let’s kick the Tories out!

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