Ode to SuBo

The media is reporting that Susan Boyle may never perform live again, and that this is because of her Asperger Syndrome – implying that it is her autism that is the problem rather than the barriers that the entertainment industry puts in the way of autistic artists.

From struggling years her star had come to rise
When those judgemental judges were surprised
A frump like her could have a splendid voice
The admen and accountants full rejoiced
But putting on that mask was such a drain
Now Susan may not sing on stage again

I’m not a fan myself – it’s not my thing
But sad that sickness may not let her sing
They said it was the wiring of her brain
That made her ill and put her under strain
They drove her mad then said she was insane
Now Susan may not sing on stage again

So dim the light, turn down the razzmatazz
And stop the gossip, lay off all that jazz
Don’t judge by looks, or chat, or social grace
Don’t make demands or stipulate the pace
Remove the pressure, take away the pain
And Susan may yet sing on stage again

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