Oppose Job Cuts at WEA London

RMT’s Annual General Meeting, held in Newcastle 21-25 June 2015, passed the following resolution unanimously. It was submitted by Central Line East branch and proposed by delegate Janine Booth, who is also a sessional tutor at WEA London and a Unite member.

This union notes that the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) has provided education for working-class people for over a century. It works in co-operation with trade unions and runs courses for trade union reps, which many of our representatives have attended and benefited from.

We are very disappointed by the decision of WEA London Region to cut staffing and make redundancies, including among staff who play a key role in delivering trade union education.

We instruct the General Secretary to contact Unite the Union and its Clerkenwell & St Pancras branch to offer our support in their resistance to these cuts, and to contact WEA London as a matter of urgency to express this union’s profound opposition to its decision.

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