Pick For Britain

Britain needs pickers
We have a picking drought
Particularly since we’ve kicked our usual pickers out
So pick yourself up
and dust yourself down
Pick up a lift heading out of your town
Here’s your harvest
basket – fill it!
Harnessing the wartime spirit!
Dig for Britain
saw us through
Let’s pick to fight off Covid too!
Pick pears and apples
Pick greengages
Pick for barely living wages
Pick a side
Pick and mix
Piecework payment, pence for picks
Pick for market
Pick for health
Pick for someone else’s wealth
Pick for fibre
and nutrition –
Why, exactly, ‘Pick for Britain’?
Pack those pickings
in your bag
sewn up from a union flag
Masks and mittens
Kicked and bitten
Tick what’s written
Pick for Britain

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