Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to my sons
to witty jokes and dreadful puns

I pledge allegiance to Aussie soaps
to chasing all my dreams and hopes

I pledge my allegiance to the Borough boys
to Lewes FC, to making noise

I pledge allegiance to classic scooters
I pledge to battle persecutors

to fight injustice till it’s gone
I pledge to keep on keeping on

I pledge myself to ranting verse
For good, for better and for worse

I pledge allegiance to The Force
and to the Jedi Code of course

Allegiance to the Rebel Alliance
Insurgency and bold defiance

I pledge myself to rise and shine
to never cross a picket line

I pledge allegiance to the working class
to never let injustice pass

I pledge allegiance to the fight
I pledge myself to human rights

I pledge my allegiance to democracy
and never to autocracy

I pledge my allegiance to scotch and tonic
but never ever to a monarch

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