Price Rises

We’ve put our products’ prices up,
that’s what we chose to do
The power firms are doing it,
so we can do it too

We’re going to charge a fair chunk more
to everyone who buys
If they won’t pay our higher rates,
we’ll cut off our supplies

We need the extra income for
the bigger bills we get
And that’s how we will justify
the tariffs that we set

But we’re not selling oil or gas
or food or clothes or fares
No – we provide our labour power,
our working is our wares

We set our fees out in our claim
and gave our reasons why
Our costs are going through the roof,
our stocks are running dry

And now their bill is overdue,
we’ve cut our labour off – it’s
Only fair that they stump up
for work that makes their profits

We’ve ways to make employers pay,
our forces we’ll combine
No repo-men or bailiffs here,
just a workers’ picket line

If they can do it, so can we,
we’ll fight off their attack
And win the fruits of all our toil
– our class is fighting back


Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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