Pride Is

Isn’t Pride a deadly sin?
Best kept within?
Suppressed or binned?

Didn’t the preachers teach us all
that Pride comes before a fall?
It’s the place that saw
your fall from grace

Isn’t Pride puffed-up, pompous,
better-than-you, holier-than-thou?
Isn’t it how you’re allowed to feel
if you’ve achieved a big deal
rather than just existed?

If it meant all this
I doubt I’d go.
I’d stay out at home
and chat with the cat
If it meant all that

But if you’ve just existed,
performed and persisted
in a world that resists
you, that tries to insist
you are faulty and flawed
or best ignored

then Pride is this:
the counter-march to prejudice

There’s a reason it was named:
Pride is refusal to feel ashamed.

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Image by Boris Štromar from Pixabay

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