Book: Disaffected Middle-aged Women: poems by Janine Booth


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Forty-something poems from halfway along life’s journey.

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Contents: Disaffected Middle-aged Women; A Sonnet for Saga; The Girl With the Briefcase; Somebody’s Mum; Daisy; Sophie’s Dad, Kevin; Product Displacement; The Coral’s Grief; Hill Fifty; File Under Self-Harm; Settling Accounts; How to Cover Up the Evidence; The Subaltern’s Swansong; The Girl from Clapham; Janie’s Drones; Bessie Gilmore’s Eyes; Harvey is a Sex Addict; Bystander; Railway Woman; Night Tube; My Love’s Love; The Car Lady of Prebend Gardens; Hettie Gets Out; When Will the Revolution Come?; Get a Grip; BoJo Logic; Warming His Coals; How Leonard Learned; Because; Off Your Knees; Don’t You Want Me, Henry?; GlastonTory; Vox Pop; Hope is Safe; Healing; Telling Time; Disinfected Middle-aged Women; Thick Racists; Hallelujah President Trump; Babyface; Kids in Crates; Another Country; Bring It Home; DMWs Driving History

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