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33 poems on 52 pages – sonnets, villanelles, limericks, free verse and rants!

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What they say about ‘Mostly Hating Tories – poems by Janine Booth’:

Hearing The Big J in the 1980s was one of the first things that got me into live poetry. Three decades, hundreds of late nights and one career later, I’m delighted to find that she’s still a force to be reckoned with, both behind the mic and on the page, and – in an age where we seem to have forgotten how to say no – never more relevant and necessary.
Russell Thompson, London Coordinator, Apples and Snakes

‘Mostly Hating Tories’ shines a torch into the grubby lucre-stained dungeons of power, dragging the creeping ghosts of governments past and present kicking and screaming into the light.
Charged with bombast, rhythm and Booth’s unstoppable wit, this brilliant collection of snappy odes and sparkling sonnets will be my anthem to the next election and all elections to come.
Tories, run fast, very fast … Janine is coming for you.
Michelle Madsen

I have known Janine, as a friend and comrade, for many years. This collection sees Janine using a wry sense of humour, but also astute observations, to get her political message across. Extremely enjoyable, and proof that many a true word is spoken (or written) in jest!
Peter Pinkney, National President, RMT trade union

At a time when it’s not fashionable for poets to express their political opinions in their work, Janine Booth’s feisty pamphlet bucks the trend, staunchly telling it like it is. It’s a spirited collection of energetic short poems that will make you laugh, cheer or clap, sometimes all at the same time.
Agnes Meadows, poet and writer

There’s rhyme and reason to Janine Booth, both a sense of humour and of justice. She raises smiles, lays low the highbrow, scourges the scumbags with rhymes as tight as her clenched fist.
Tim Wells, poet and ‘man about town’

I met Jan when she was sixteen
Did an interview for her fanzine
In a year or two
She was part of our crew –
It’s great that she’s back on the scene!
Attila the Stockbroker