She provoked him.
She said she was leaving him.
She’s been looking at other guys.

He had to show her.
She had to know
She isn’t a person in her own right,
She’s part of him.

She is the buffer between him and a hostile world.

The beating didn’t come out of nowhere, you know.
There had been a long and torturous build-up.
Other blokes had been winding him up by flirting with her
and having a go at him.

Then she made the stupid mistake of fighting back,
So he had to beat her harder.
He had no choice.

It’s not like she’s perfect, is it?

Now they need to negotiate peace with each other.
If she just agrees to
stop the backchat,
let him make the decisions, and
stop looking at other guys
Then he will stop beating her. Probably.

Actually, if she’d done that all along,
He’d never have needed to beat her in the first place,
would he?

Lesson learned: Don’t poke the bear.

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